About Pele  

In the Samoan language, 'Pele' means 'something beautiful'. It may refer to a person or object. Here we have given the name to our product range which is also a palette of color, brightness and excitement.

Pele accessory products are gifts from the Pacific Ocean and its island eco-culture. Your dreams of Pacific natural gifts are yielded from a cornucopia of shells, woods and plant life. These renewable resources are then handcrafted, using timeless skills and the inherent design knowledge of the centuries. Using only the finest natural materials lovingly crafted by skilled artisans.

Based in New Zealand, having been born and grown up in Samoa, our Chief Designer Nive Hansen travels the islands of the South Seas to source materials, ideas, trends and inspiration.

We present to you the Pele collection – a kaleidoscope of colors, an infinite variety of style and a bounty of fashion products. Brought to you with pleasure to enhance your engagement with nature and your love of design beauty.

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